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Because isn’t picking paint colors stressful enough?

Buying or selling a home should be fun and exciting for your employees. (Just like they make it look on those home network shows.) But in our real reality, it can become complicated if they don’t connect with the right people. And that can lead to a lack of focus at work.

Enter, American Home Benefit. Founded by Andy Sachs, one of America’s top-performing real estate agents, who assembled a team of leading real estate experts and built a massive network of their most trusted realtors, home inspectors, contractors, retail partners and more.

It’s the power of this network that makes American Home Benefit the no-cost benefit every organization should offer its employees.

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Every buyer and seller deserves access to the best experience possible, regardless of where they are in the process. There are thousands of experts in the real estate world. The problem is knowing which ones can be trusted, and which ones are out to make a fast buck. Our network is 100% built on trust earned from years of working with partners who share our values. Treat people with respect. Provide exceptional service and rates. Never cut corners.

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American Home Benefit (AHB) complies with the anti-kickback provisions of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and associated regulations thereunder.
AHB will never give or accept any thing of value to or from a “Settlement Service Provider” under RESPA, unless an applicable exemption applies.

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We exist to make life better for workers all across America. We make it possible by ensuring that American Home Benefit is a great place to work for our team of experts and the Client Advisors who guide and educate clients through the entire real estate process. They make it fun because working with us is fun.

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